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USGA Created Some Early 2022 Excitement

In 1895 the USGA hosted a men’s and women’s U.S. Amateur tournament. They were ahead of their time but they still haven’t pushed the envelope for better opportunites for female golfers until this year. The recent announcement of the Pine Needles U.S. Women’s Open Championship will give the participants a purse they’ve never seen before for a single tournament. So that’s one good thing happening in 2022 already. The dates are June 2-5.

Mike Whan is the CEO of the USGA and he’s injecting some extra excitement into the new year with this announcement.

“I made a promise to the executive committee and staff. I cherish the history of the organization that put golf in America on this stage. I said let’s not be afraid to make some history. Promedica is the first presenting partner in 127 years.”

Promedica seems like a good company and the fact that they’ve gone all-in with the women’s tour is nice to see. That’s all a sport needs some time is the backing and then it takes off. The purse matters.

“In 2018, three players earned more than $1.8 million. The same in 2021. Now for Pine Needles, they can make $1.8 million that week!”, said Whan.

The players are very excited at the prospect of making more money.

“I think the USGA, they test all aspects of your game. Not only physically but mentally. It’s the history of winning a USGA event and being a USGA champion, “said Juli Inkster, five-time USGA. “I don’t think any of us really play for the money. We play for being a USGA champion. But as Mollie (Marcoux-Samaan) said, this is a huge step for women’s sports all over the world.”

Which sport will be the next to step up?

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