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WAGS Star, Barbie Blank on the WWE, Her Husband and More

Barbie Blank has had quite a career already and she’s only 29. Part of the reason people are successful is the fact that they’re driven. They’re not content to go with the flow and they’ve been working hard all their lives. In her case it was athletics first.

“I was in competitive gymnastics for 10 years. After that cheerleading for five years. Then tennis, softball and wrestling,” she said objectively. “When I was 3 or 4 my mom enrolled me into toddler gymnastics. At 7, I was competing around Florida and around the United States after that. I broke my tailbone and wasn’t able to come back.

“I would go straight from school to gymnastics for 3 hours a day. I would eat in the car. It takes a lot. I decided that I wanted to have a life.”

Her husband, Sheldon, had a terrific 14-year career in the NHL. He was one of the best offensive defenseman of his era scoring 26 goals at his height. In 2006-07 he set an NHL record for having 19 power play goals in a single season as a defenseman. At home, he likes being in the background and they may be the most down to earth couple on the show.

“I feel like he’s a lot more reserved (than some of the other husbands). He’s done so much but he doesn’t talk about his accomplishments,” she stated. “He’s an amazing guy. So normal. When he was playing he was a bad ass. It’s nice for the viewers to see that side of us.”

Being known as one of the most popular Divas the WWE has ever seen, she certainly is at home in front of the camera.

“I definitely feel like I learned so much with the WWE in regards to live television,” she revealed. “I had a month’s wrestling training. I was learning on the fly. It helps being familiar and comfortable with the cameras. Some of the girls aren’t used to the cameras. It’s helped me a lot.”

On the show this season Barbie made coffee and gave Sheldon a cup. At that point it prompted me to find out if either one of them was good in the kitchen?

“I’m a big cook,” she bragged. “I cook 3 meals a day. He gets his breakfast. He’s playful and knows how to push my buttons. I didn’t know how to cook before we met. I stepped my game up.”

Just before Barbie and Sheldon were going to tie the knot they lost their venue.

“That was so hard,” she said honestly. “I was so set on that venue for the last year. It happened 3 months before. You only get married once. I was like ‘this can’t be happening’. I had to start at square one. In retrospect it was meant to happen. The venue we got was amazing and there was a happy ending.”

As it turns out she’s not good at every sport.

“My husband’s into golf. It’s his go-to,” she laughed. “He’s so good. I hate that you can’t predict how you’ll do one day to the next. I can hit the ball but there are so many other aspects to the game. I’m not good.”

For good reason she’s very excited about this season’s show.

“I’m so pumped for fans to see the wedding. The best day of our lives. There were some struggles planning it. It was so amazing. There is some drama when you get 8 girls together. I want everybody to see what’s going on in our lives this season.”

Sometimes starring on a reality show can be a problem for family members and Barbie’s isn’t any different.

“My family has always been very supportive. My 80-year-old grandmother has had some moments when she wasn’t very happy. I was dressing pretty sexed up in the WWE, that wasn’t a problem. It was a drinking game last season that got a little sexual. She cringed a bit.”

In ten years she sees herself with a family, kids and maybe a soap opera role. She’s focused on her acting.

I suggested General Hospital.

E!’s “WAGS”  returns Sunday, June 26th at 10:00p ET/PT only on E!

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