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Shinedown Delivered At The MMRBQ

It was a rainy day in Camden, New Jersey but the show wasn’t cancelled. It wasn’t an option. WMMR had burgers to grill and fans had bands that they wanted to see. One of the bands that made their day worth while was Shinedown. Having seem 3 times now I can say they are getting better and better since I’ve been covering them. They have a way of connecting with the audience and an authenticity to the music that really connects with me. Here’s a highlight of their set.

The fans were really excited to see Shinedown. They opened with “Asking For It” and lead singer Brent Smith, was already in perfect form and he and Zach Meyers were back to back which added a nice element to the song.

Meyers really shined on “If You Only Knew”. Bassist Brad Stewart was very strong on this one.

During “Unity” there were a lot of hands in the air and a great solo by Meyers. Fans were 100% into this song and it was fun to experience.

On “I’ll Follow You” Smith was sitting down and Stewart played some piano.

They closed things out with “Second Chance” “Simple Man (cover of Lynyrd Skynyrd hit), and “Sound of Madness”.

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