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Where Do the Mets Stand on Locking up Players?

Yoenis Cespedes has security. He’s signed through 2020 and I don’t have a problem with his contract. When it comes to the Mets pitching staff the team seems to have different take on this. So far, they haven’t locked up any of their young pitching and soon that could come back to haunt them.

Matt Harvey will be a free agent in 2019. All is lost there. If they trade him they’ll get a prospect and if they don’t they’ll try to contend for a playoff spot next season because this season is close to being over.

Is Jacob deGrom on the trading block or not? Alderson hasn’t said he’s an untouchable. He’s not locked up long-term. The Houston Astros want him and they have a ton of prospects. Do the Mets really want to turn their young stars into more prospects? If they do this then are they sending a message to the fans that they’re going to continue to spend like a mid-market team? deGrom can be a free agent in 2021. In my opinion the Mets are playing a dangerous game here. At 29, he has a career .615 winning percentage, more than a strikeout per inning, and a lifetime ERA of 2.89. The Mets could sign him to a very fair deal but they seem reluctant to do so. They low-balled him and he balked at the deal before.

Noah Syndergaard is a free-agent in 2022. Last year he was forced to take a deal that he didn’t want. He asked for $614,500 and was paid $605,500 instead. The Mets are playing with fire regarding his future as well.

Zack Wheeler has stated he wants to be a “Met for life” but will he get the chance? He’s a free agent in 2020.

This core has a window that closes shut in 2020. Yes, they have Amed Rosario and Dominic Smith to bring up. Great, but Alderson has stated players would have to be traded to do that. When the Mets trade those players, they are presumably reloading for next year. The Mets never sign big name players for more than 3 years so what will that attract in the offseason? Hopefully the philosophy changes in Flushing. Terry Collins will be gone and we don’t know how much longer Alderson will be in his position?

David Wright was locked up and a freak injury occurred. It happens. Insurance covers 75% of his contract so it’s not crippling to the Mets payroll. Will he ever play more than the 37 games he played in last season? Probably not. Will he ever play again? Probably not.

Michael Conforto is a star in the making. He’s not locked up. He’s a free agent in 2022. Will the Mets ever attempt to lock him up? Stay tuned.





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