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The Redbox Best Baseball Movies List Differs from Mine

Redbox is a terrific service. I believe there’s a better list than the one they have. Here’s how that occurred:

The Movie Experts at Redbox ranked America’s favorite baseball movies, as seen below, via a national Omnibus survey of more than 1,000 U.S. respondents.

America’s Favorite Baseball Movies
1.       Field of Dreams
2.       A League of Their Own
3.       The Sandlot
4.       Major League
5.       Angels in the Outfield
6.       Bad News Bears
7.       The Natural
8.       Bull Durham
9.       Rookie of the Year
10.   Moneyball

To me the obvious changes would be to remove Angels in the Outfield and Rookie of the Year. The rest of the list is solid.

Bang the Drum Slowly came out in 1973. It’s a well-acted movie. Michael Moriarity and Robert De Niro were great in this. This should be on the list but Redbox doesn’t have it. I think they should get is ASAP.

Eight Men Out is a classic. It deals with the bizarre 1919 World Series and how that all went down. John Cusak, Christopher Lloyd, Charlie Sheen, David Strathairn and D.B. Sweeney were all fantastic in this. Again, this isn’t listed on the service.

I think Redbox needs to hire me as a consultant. I can bolster their sports movie index immediately. Still, this was a decent list and fun to write about.

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