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2023 NHL Combine Notes

I made this list to see if the Flyers or Rangers were going to surprise me with who they spoke to. I didn’t ask many of the top picks for obvious reasons. I asked about Zach Benson to see if the Flyers were interested because of his size. I didn’t get to ask Dalibor Dvorsky, and I wasn’t able to get everyone to answer. I got as much as I could. 

The Flyers are interested in Oliver Moore, Ryan Leonard, David Reinbacher (Habs like him too), and I expect Will Smith to be gone before the 7th pick. That seems like a lock at this point.  You can use my latest rankings as a guide and my final rankings will be out soon.

Zach Benson – C – WHL – He spoke with north of 15 teams – Flyers did their due diligence with him. 

Benson photo by Sportsology

Axel Sandin Pellikka – D – SHL – He spoke with 24 teams. 

David Edstrom – C – Frolunda – He spoke with 26 teams. 

Caden Price – D – WHL – He spoke with 15 teams – Flyers didn’t speak with him. Unsure why they didn’t talk to him. 

Sawyer Mynio – D – WHL – 15 teams – Spoke to some 2-3 times during the season but didn’t speak to here. Rangers and Flyers didn’t speak with him. He’s 6’1” and skinny so he might take a bit longer to develop. 

Andrew Cristall – LW – WHL – He spoke to 21 teams. 

Charlie Stramel – C/W – NCAA – He spoke with 25 teams – He spoke with the Flyers, Rangers, and Islanders. He’s a big, strong, all-around player. 

William Whitelaw – C – USHL – He spoke with 20 teams – No Flyers but he spoke with the Rangers and Islanders. He’s 5’9”. 

Gracyn Sawchyn – C – WHL – He spoke with 29 teams. The player and teams really aren’t sure where he will go in the first round. 

Matthew Wood – C/W – NCAA – He said “people” are calling me a unicorn, but that meant some teams did. He’s big, and he’s a young center who plays wing too. He played wing in UConn this season as the youngest player in college hockey. 

Jayden Perron – RW – USHL – Around 14 teams – He spoke with the Flyers. 

Maxim Strbak – D – USHL – He said he spoke with most of the teams! And that included the Rangers, Flyers, and Islanders. 

photo by Sportsology

Cameron Allen – D – OHL – He spoke to just under 20 teams – He didn’t speak with the Rangers. He did speak with the Flyers. 

Nate Danielson – C – OHL – 21 teams – He did speak to the Rangers and Islanders. 

David Edstrom – C – Frolunda – 26 teams. 

Riley Heidt – C – WHL – Spoke to Rangers and Islanders.

Luca Cagnoni – D – WHL – He spoke with 10-15 teams – Flyers and Rangers didn’t speak with him. He’s talented but he’s 5’10”, 172 pounds, that could be why.  

Lenni Hameenaho – LW – Liiga – 24 teams spoke with him. Didn’t divulge which ones.  

Tom Willander – D – J20 Nationell  – He met with 30 teams. 

Brady Cleveland – D – NTDP – He talked to 19 teams – Flyers and Rangers spoke to him. He’s a shutdown defenseman with size and strength. 

Andrew Strathmann – D – USHL – He talked to 11 teams – Flyers and Rangers passed. The Islanders spoke to him. 

Gavin Brindley – RW – NCAA – He spoke with the Flyers and Rangers. 

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