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Sasquatch is Now Working Out With Odell Beckham Jr. & Clay Matthews

Sasquatch trains like a beast. Today, Jack Link’s launches Workin’ Out with Sasquatch, a fully integrated ’80s workout collection that breaks down physical movements, showing everything you need to do to build a beastly physique while fueling those sweet moves with a protein-packed snack. Featuring Clay Matthews and Odell Beckham Jr., Sasquatch leads the jerky-powered program that is based on physical prowess, physique and world-famous hair, proving that ultimate musclefulness can be achieved through this impressive fitness program.

Jack Link’s new fully integrated campaign hits all of the major muscle groups. One spot, titled “Bench,” shows Clay Matthewsfollowing Sasquatch’s lead to pike press and swat at insects before having a full body snack-out with Jack Link’s Jerky. Another spot, titled “Musclefulness,” shows Odell Beckham Jr. Workin’ Out with Sasquatch doing a squirrel chase, yoga and salmon thrusts to build pectoral muscles. Together, Sasquatch, Clay Matthews and Odell Beckham Jr. are featured in a spot showing all three in a locker room with the wind blowing through their hair. And to keep muscles bulking, and Jack Link’ssocial channels will be placed under the watchful eye of trainer Sasquatch, where fans will have access to footage from the incredibly rare Workin’ Out with Sasquatch VHS-inspired mini-collection.

“The world has witnessed Sasquatch’s superior, protein-powered strength over the last 10 years and it’s time to take him one step further, bringing together world-class athletes and the world’s best protein-packed jerky. Our new integrated campaign, Workin’ Out with Sasquatch, shows how Jack Link’s Jerky can help you achieve ultimate musclefulness,” said TD Dixon, chief marketing officer at Jack Link’s. “Clay Matthews and Odell Beckham Jr. are beasts on the field and in the gym, perfectly complementing our own man-beast, Sasquatch. Together they emphasize that Jack Link’s Jerky is the protein-packed snack packed with protein – nothing can beat it.”

“You could say things got hairy on set,” said pro-football superstar Clay Matthews. “Sasquatch is a tough coach with incredible hair thanks to protein-packed Jack Link’s Jerky.”

“Protein is an important part of every fitness routine,” said Odell Beckham Jr., pro-football extraordinaire. “To stay fueled, I keep a stash of Jack Link’s Jerky in my gym bag so I have a high protein snack on hand for anything that gets thrown at me.”

Jack Link’s new fully integrated marketing campaign headlines with ’80s workout thrillers in the form of 30- and 15-second spots that will run on TV networks like ESPN, NFL Network, Adult Swim and Comedy Central. In addition, content will be served across the World Wide Web on platforms including YouTube, Hulu and Deadspin.

To see more Workin’ Out With Sasquatch footage, go to or visit Jack Link’s on Facebook. For more information about Jack Link’s, visit

Here’s Clay Matthews doing Beaver Squats.

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