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25 Percent of The Mets 2020 Roster Will Be Filler

Nobody likes fillers. People don’t like them in their burgers and baseball fans don’t like it on their rosters. When the Mets finally fill out their 60-man roster, 25% of it will be filler, free agents, who aren’t free, but they should be. The Mets kept the number of players on their roster low, so they wouldn’t have to pay them but with “summer camp” commencing on Friday, they suddenly need temp workers like waiters at a catering hall.

An hour after the Mets had only 45 players planning to go to camp, they quickly signed players. The second one was Melky Cabrera, the fallen New York Yankee outfielder, then Pirates now has a chance to be the Mets third or fourth option to play DH, or fifth outfielder which is exciting indeed. In his last two seasons, he’s hit six and seven home runs.

Another signing is Gordon Beckham. Anybody who has played fantasy baseball in the last few years realizes this is a bad signing. Most fantasy baseball teams would pass on the one-time, good player, but the Mets are on a buying frenzy to “fill” out their roster in an attempt to complete a season without adding a lot to the payroll.

If the Mets are now lacking championship or even deep into the playoffs depth and that’s disheartening who were excited to see some form of baseball even though it won’t be National League baseball, but anything is probably better than nothing.

A re-signing is outfielder, Ryan Cordell, who will be locked into a battle with Cespedes and Cabrera for that final outfield spot. Now 28, and with his prospect status clearly in the rearview mirror, he hit .221 with seven homers and 24 RBI in 217 at-bats. I got to see him in spring training and to be fair, he looked more like a AAA talent and MLB extra at best.

Jed Lowrie will still be an option. He is 0-7 as a Met and he had two doubles and no home runs in 34 spring at-bats before the season was paused. I doubt he’ll be a factor, but hey, they’re paying him so he’s on the roster and I didn’t count him towards the 25%.

If the Mets are completely healthy, they may compete, otherwise, they don’t have the depth necessary for this odd season.

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