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Christoph Schubert’s Door to Door Campaign is Inspiring

Christoph Schubert who spent a nice seven years in the Ottawa Senators organization and for the last six seasons he’s been playing for the Hamburg Freezers in the DEL. He was happy until at the age of 34 he saw the team he loved was going up for sale but if it’s not purchased by noon tomorrow their license will expire! That’s when he did something extraordinary.

The energetic defenseman could have called his agent and tried to secure another contract with a rival team but he didn’t do that. Instead he decided he would try and get funding to buy the team. He’s actually going door to door. Now I think he realizes unless he knocks on the door of a millionaire that might not be his best bet. He’s been talking to big companies and he started a Crowdfunding project as well. Seems like he has all his bases covered. Except his sales pitch. This actually happened.

“Hi, I am Schuby, I need to talk to the Boss” Somehow it worked and got a meeting!

All of this is still a long shot but his moxy is admirable. If he can attract a worldwide audience there’s always a chance that this can work.

So far he’s riled up hockey fans in Germany and he had a nice crowd via a flash mob. He and his wife Janina are very passionate about this. If you want to help here’s the link where you can help:!rettet-die-hamburg-freezers

Just 2-3 million Euro will do the trick so tell your friends. If not, then appreciate his efforts and love for the game.

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15 thoughts on “Christoph Schubert’s Door to Door Campaign is Inspiring

  1. just an FYi, the Team isn’t just “up for sale” the owners Anschutz Entertainment Group informed the world last Tuesday that the Licence will not be renewed. So unless we raise the money by 12 noon german time tomorrow, the club won’t be sold, it will die!!!

    please help Save the Hamburg Freezers

  2. Thank you for writing about our Freezers!
    It helps getting help from all over the wold!
    We keep our fingers crossed!

  3. Yes, the Freezers will DIE when the Licence will not be renewed. And with the death of the DEL- Hockey Team Hamburg Freezers also all three lokal Hockey Clubs and all the Hockey Clubs in northern Germany will be negative affected. 14 years of youth promotion will be switched off.
    So, it is not only the Freezers Team. For us it is much more….

  4. Hallo .everybody,
    we need help and money . We have no time……tomorrow at 12.00 o clock we have to order the Licence 2016/2017.
    Hamburg Freezers is not only Hockey- it`s like a family……we are a part of this Family. Thank you for help. We never give up. We will fight with our Capitano Christoph Schubert . Love an Peace from Hamburg…….Angela

  5. Open Letter to Anschutz Entertainment Group, the owners of the Hockey Team “Hamburg Freezers”:
    I’ve seen a lot of Hollywood Movies telling
    the story of people (f.e. sportmen/women) who are falling – standing up – fighting – fighting-fighting-got a little Help and finally won. Now Christoph Schubert is at the point for the little help. I know americans (we all) like those stories very much. Look into your heart and let the happy end come true. The last days happend very much in Hamburg.
    And it is not Hollywod – it is reality !
    What a great chance ! But time is very short !!!
    Yours faithfully
    Jo from Hamburg

  6. Hi all hockey-fans out there,
    just as an update for you: it is about 5pm in Germany right now, so we have about 7 hours left to save the Freezers!
    This does not only apply to the players (who might find another team), but also to 18 employees in the Freezer’s office!
    Glad for any help, any penny! Thanks!

  7. Unfortunately, Anschutz Entertainment Group (AEG) finally decided not to get a license for the 2016/17 season. This means, that the Hamburg Freezers are history, all players & staff in the office will look for new jobs from now on.
    The problem is not that AEG decided to withdraw from the Hamburg Freezers, but that they did so with only 6 days left to apply for the next season license. The last game was on March 6th. Had they announced by then that they decided to stop the support for the Freezers, it would have been almost 3 months. Now it has only been 6 days, and that was pretty tough (not to say: impossible).
    Thanks for all of your support.

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