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Day 2 Team USA Camp Hunches

Plymouth, PA – Team USA is getting closer to revealing the lines and announcing the camp cuts. There’s one more practice on Tuesday and a morning session on Wednesday but the camp cuts could come Tuesday evening. Here are some of my best guesses.

Best players in camp:

Matty Beniers (Kraken) and Jake Sanderson (Sens) are those two players. While that’s not a surprise it’s just the way it is.

The fastest player in camp:

Ty Smilanic (Panthers) is the guy. He’s faster and stronger than the last time I saw him play live.

Best line combination:

Smilanic – Beniers – Berard

The best shootout artist:

Dominic James (2022 Draft eligible) has all the moves. But his greatest skill seems to be in the shootout and every team in the tournament needs one.

Most improved from Day 1 to Day 2:

That would be Matthew Knies (Leafs). He was making some slight mistakes on the first day but today he was working on the PK and succeeding at that. Knies could be a 4th liner for this team (on the wing, he told me that). That may be his best bet to make it.

I think the most surprising player, meaning not performing as I would expect, would be Mackie Samoskevich (Panthers). He played his best on the penalty kill. That’s not great. If it were up to me, he would be in danger of being cut.

I think they will go with 13 forwards, nine defenseman and three goalies.

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