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Stearns Needs To Level With Mets Fans 

I hope at some point that David Stearns tells Mets fans that the team is re-tooling. Maybe they can make the playoffs, but probably not based on a host of issues. The Mets are going to have to make a decision on Pete Alonso at some point. When Scott Boras gives them a 100-page document on why Alonso should be making $350 million, just behind Aaron Judge, that’s when the rubber is going to meet the road.

I foresee the Mets need at least two more starters, and two or three bullpen arms, and probably an outfielder. That’s a lot. The outfield has been weak ever since Starling Marte has become an injury-plagued player. The Mets need a starting outfielder badly, and none of their prospects are ready yet and shouldn’t be rushed.

Now, let’s see if Brett Baty can handle starting at third base, and Mark Vientos can find a position unless he’s the DH or he gets traded at the winter meetings. Then they have to figure out if Ronny Mauricio can play second base or outfield. He should play winter ball to try this out, but at times the Mets haven’t been proactive with this.

After you figure out where the young players go, and save Francisco Alvarez, he’s a lock, then you have to decide if this is their year to shine. Odds say, probably not, and that’s when the Mets need to make an organizational decision to say, we will play them, take our lumps at times, so we can take two steps forward the next season or the season after.

The Mets were just four games ahead of the Nationals. Sure they traded some talent and ate a lot of money for some youth, but what are the odds they can beat out the Braves, Phillies, or Marlins next year?

Nobody is going to bet on that. If the Mets get lucky with some trades and signings maybe they contend for a while, but this might not be the year for Steven Cohen to spend even more money. Unless you get Shohei Ohtani, who can only hit for 2023, it’s not going to be worth it. And the prospects that would have to be sacrificed to get Juan Soto out of San Diego won’t be worth it either. Especially if the Mets lose a draft pick because of their latest front-office issue with MLB.

In the end, it’s good to feel good about the Mets’ future, but the here and now is like a fixer-upper home that you have to correct in stages. That’s what I see so far. Plus the Mets have to hire some new front office management and probably replace some scouts.

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