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EPIX Road to The Outdoor Classics Episodes 1 and 2 Review

Anything that has Ross Greenburg’s name on it is worthy of a look. EPIX has done a nice job with these shows. Last year I admit I missed a few episodes because they were hard to find.

In the first two you get some cool interviews with Toronto’s Mike Babcock, Chicago’s Joel Quenneville, St. Louis coach, Ken Hitchcock and Detroit’s Jeff Blashill.

Everything is very authentic from the great charity work the players do to the on bench cursing from Babcock and surprising cursing tirade from Red Wings captain, Henrik Zetterberg. It was after Flyers backup goalie, Anthony Stolarz helped shut them out. The commentator billed that game as one “The Red Wings were expected to win”. I disagree since the Flyers were during their eventual 10-game winning streak.

The funniest moment was William Nylander shaking the chair on the Ferris Wheel and his teammate was scared. A few of the Maple Leafs teammates also complained how it was cold when the ride was in operation. Dylan Larkin putting up Christmas lights ran a close second.

The most compelling, but short, part of the second episode was when the Red Wings game was cancelled in Raleigh. You saw fans just sitting in the stands waiting to see if the game was going to start and the Red Wings players got updated but were never sure they were playing. Some players were dumfounded that this was happening but others just wanted to play. Even if the game was to start at 9PM. Red Wings GM Ken Holland had his best poker face on but was definitely unhappy with that result.

Trevor van Riemsdyk has some great moments as does Scott Darling. It’s worth the watch. The game action is very high quality and the insider access is fantastic.

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