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Have The Jets Crashed and Burned Before The Start of the 2019-20 Season?

The 2018-19 season ended with some optimism. Their future star quarterback, Sam Darnold made it through it without a career-ending injury, their 4-12 record got them the third pick in the draft and then little weird things started to happen.

The Jets get a new coach in Adam Gase. He has a weird press conference where Mike Mccaggnan, the general manager had almost nothing to say but he was there. It was at that point that I feared the Jets GM was in trouble, but nothing happened and the organization had optimism heading into the draft.

The Jets draft was “OK”. Many people in the know feel they tried to hit a lot of home runs. The same guy who drafted Darnold tried to pass off Christian Hackenberg as an NFL caliber quarterback and he wasn’t even an AAF caliber player. He signed cornerback Trumaine Johnson to a 5-yr, $72 million dollar deal and he was awful last season.

That’s just the tip of the iceberg. So why did the Jets allow this man to run the draft and then sign free agents with over $100 million to spend, arguably the most important year the Jets will have in quite some time to point them in the right direction in the future?

Right now the Jets are a laughing stock again. They will be the punchline on late night talk shows and the back page of the newspaper for all the wrong reasons. Sports radio is probably killing them now. Their only possibly revenge is having a good season.

Adam Schefter broke the story that the GM and director of player development were fired. So Adam Gase is running the show at the moment. Did he make this happen? Did he not like the groceries that were bought and now he has to coach? Does this new Jets coach have entirely too much power without having coached a down for his new team and marginal head coaching credentials? It appears so.

The summer is getting ready to begin and the Jets are already making headlines. This isn’t what fans had hoped for. Not all the cap money has been spent but most of it has. Chris Johnson now has to figure out who wants to clean up this mess. The Jets were once one of the good jobs to have in the NFL and now they’re unstable. There’s still some hope that things are going in the right direction but now this is a big red warning sign that things are still a mess. Stay tuned.

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