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Peyton Manning as Jets GM Has Disaster Written All Over It

Does Peyton miss Eli during the season? Does he want to be a General Manager so he can work in the same building as his bro or would he try and trade for his brother after he lands the Jets vacant position? Does he have to interview with Adam Gase, or does he get the job based on his commercial success and friendship with the head coach?

Manning has zero front office experience. Out of the box hiring is hiring someone in football, with experience, and giving them a position higher than they have without having the necessary experience. Does Manning make up for this with life experience? Are they offering him this job, so he’ll work with Sam Darnold? If that’s the case, just pay him to be the quarterback coach or make up a position for him along those lines. Giving him the general manager position with a head coach that already has too much power is a horrible idea that won’t end well.

Manning is now a professional pitch-man. New York Jets fans will see through his latest flirtation and the New York media will annoy the hell out of him with all of those still personnel questions that will pop up from time to time.

The minute the Jets make this move they will get a ton of coverage, mostly negative, and the current owner, Chris Johnson will be looked at as a guy whose family has money and he wants someone famous that he can talk to about that toy.

Chris had a chance to be better than Woody. So far this year, and the season hasn’t even started, has placed him in a bad light with the fans and the local and nationwide media.

There are a lot of dysfunctional franchises in the NFL but the extreme revenue streams gloss over a lot of those issues. The Jets will make money whether they’re good or not.

The Jets don’t even have enough linebackers to start the season and they had over $100 million to spend in free agency. If the Jets front office ineptitude could be put in the “Price is Right” final showcase terms, the crowd will soon yell higher, if Manning enters the picture.

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