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Kara Alloway Is Winning In Life

Kara Alloway is known for her time with the Real Housewives of Toronto. Some call her a villain. I refuse to. I see her as a first-time author. She has all of those insecurities that you get when you sit at a book signing. Her tome is “Most Hated”, and it’s a great read.   

“Publishing is a slow and meticulous process. It’s the wild west. It’s a tough business and tough getting your name out there. Sports is such a big part of the genesis of the book and such a big part of the book itself.” Alloway stated.   

The Toronto Maple Leafs, Toronto FC, and the Toronto Argonauts are her favorite sports teams.  

“My dad had hockey tickets forever. Eddie Shack and Darryl Sittler were some of my favorites. We had seats right behind the bench. That’s where I learned some of the juiciest profanity of my life,” she laughed. “I can remember I got hit in the head with the puck. It reverberated off my head and back to the bench, and the coach (probably Punch Imlach), gave me the puck. My boys played hockey.”   

Back to the Real Housewives. Alloway talked about how they tried to create a negative narrative around her.    

“I watched it, and it’s disgusting. After you watch the show you will say this woman is the most annoying woman on the face of the earth,” Alloway stated.    

I saw it, and I saw what she was talking about. I got it. I didn’t think she was annoying at all. I could see it was all in the editing. She was trying to do good things on the show. Charitable ventures and I commend her for that.  

“My whole charity aspect was so lost on the show. I was trying to sell fundraising tickets to a children’s organization. The Children’s Aid Foundation was the cause. The funny thing was, in the course of the narrative of the show. The premise was my castmates were women of means,” Alloway explained. 

“Not all of them were. Under normal circumstances, reaching out to some friends about buying a table at an event. A table cost $25,000, and that’s a big number, but what would happen is they might get ten friends to buy in at $2,500 per person or just use it as a tax write-off. That’s how it works. When I went to them, they would say, ‘Oh she’s disgusting and trying to get us to pay $25,000 to attend her party’….They couldn’t drop that.”   

She got very upset at these things, and who could blame her?    

“I was just asked to be on another charity committee. I don’t know if I have that in me. I take it super seriously. There are a limited number of people. And they want me to assure if you can buy a table yourself and how many tables can I sell, “Alloway added. “It upset me that the charity took a powder in the course of the narrative on the show. I spoke to the producers and said, ‘throw me under the bus, not the charity’ and said it wasn’t cool.”   

Alloway is very honest and direct. Her book is that way too. It gets to the heart of things. The sports jargon is on point. The fantasy football mentions from a women’s perspective was great. Men and women and sports fans are going to really enjoy this book. She is a reality show producer, and that knowledge comes through.    

She’s a mom, a go-getter, and a wife, and she does good things on a daily basis. She’s not a villain in real life. 


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