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The Jets Versus the NFL – The Running Backs 

I am going to go over various areas of the New York Jets team and let you know where I think it stands compared to the rest of the NFL for this upcoming season. The first facet of the game I want to tackle is the running game.

The question about Breece Hall. I think this is the reason the Jets haven’t bit hard on Dalvin Cook. They probably want to see how Hall looks in camp. So far, he’s been healthy and taking part in camp. He may get cleared in a few weeks. If that happens, Cook would be overkill and would just crowd the backfield.

Michael Carter is the next-best running back. At worst. He was 3.5 yards per carry and at best 4.4, and that will depend on the offensive line. I liked what I saw out of him in camp and how he worked with Aaron Rodgers. He can catch passes too.

Israel Ibanikanda was drafted in the fifth round. The organization has hyped him to some degree. He starred at Pitt, and you know what? He can do a lot of things. He’s strong, fast, and a solid blocker. He could steal some snaps from any of the starters. In the Hall of Fame game, he showed speed on the edge as he scored a touchdown. That was something that showed me that he has a lot of potential, and the team was right to hype him.

That’s a good enough and crowded backfield, and now add Bam Knight to the mix. Knight can run, catch the ball and get short yardage. Again, this Jets offensive line has some talent, and Rodgers keeps a defense honest. This will all help the Jets’ running game.

The Jets have the best running game in the AFC East so far, and if Hall plays over 13 games, the Jets will be in the Top 10. They probably won’t be any higher since Rodgers will throw the ball more times than Zach Wilson ever did. This is one of the biggest strengths of the team as far as I can tell.

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