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Kara Alloway Is Winning In Life

Kara Alloway is known for her time with the Real Housewives of Toronto. Some call her a villain. I refuse to. I see her as a first-time author. She has all of those insecurities that you get when you sit at a book signing. Her tome is “Most Hated”, and

Fehr and Bettman Provide Stability in Uncertain Times

There’s no bigger name regarding union negotiations than current NHLPA Executive Director, Donald Fehr. He’s been doing it for a long time. He’s good at his job, yes there’s always stoppages in every sport, but in the end, he knows how to get the most for his player. “We are living

A Trio of Book Reviews

Hockey Addict’s Guide: Toronto I love the opening picture of Greenwood Park Rink. It’s a very cool shot. The Coca-Cola Coliseum and Wayne Gretzky’s are staples. Both worthy of a visit. This book lists record stores, the Hockey Hall of Fame and some great local rinks and eateries. Toronto can be a