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Lindsey Vonn Shares the Hardest Part About Dating Tiger Woods In a New Book

Going through a breakup is never easy, but going through a breakup with the entire world watching is a whole different ball game.

Olympian Lindsey Vonn sat down with E! News’ Zuri Hall about her new book Strong Is the New Beautiful (available now), and also discussed the current status with famous ex Tiger Woods.

“We’re friends,” Vonn tells us. “It’s nice to be able to stay in touch with him, but yeah, we’re just at different places in our lives, but he’s still a friend.”

The athletic couple broke up last year after three years together, and Vonn explains that being in a relationship that was always under the spotlight proved to be extremely difficult.

“It was really hard. The breakup, being together, it was all really hard. It was essentially being in a fish bowl. Everybody’s looking at you and judging you and commenting on what they think is right or wrong and it was hard,” she explains.

“But that’s one thing that made me stronger. Being able to block out the noise and block out other people’s opinions, and honestly it doesn’t matter what anybody else thinks as long as you’re happy.”

During a recent appearance on Running Wild With Bear Grylls, Vonn opened up about still being in love with Woods.

“I mean, I loved him so much, and I still do. It just didn’t work, you know?” she told host Bear Grylls of her relationship with the pro golfer. “It was too much with his competition schedule and mine, and he has two kids. We’re still on good terms, we’re friends. But it was really hard.”

Although she and Woods couldn’t make it work, she doesn’t plan on making things official on paper with any other man. “Probably not. I’ve done all that,” she admitted when asked if she’d get married again. “It’s a nice check mark on the ol’ life goals bucket list.”

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