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Mayweather vs. McGregor – – A Media Driven Event

Floyd Mayweather is a great boxer. That’s right he’s a boxer. Boxers are the best in the world at their craft. Most other athletes who think they can box get beaten in the ring. Sometimes destroyed when they face top talent.

Ali-vs. Inoki – I was thrilled when this “mixed martial arts” match was booked for June in 1976. I was also 13 and thought a wrestler can just destroy a boxer if he gets him on the ground or in the air. Little did I know that Inoki was only allowed to do leg sweeps. The “fight” was a draw and people demanded their money back. Ali checked himself into the hospital the next day with blood clots in his leg (the only part that was real). This was the best example of a farce but approximately 1.4 billion people watched it.

Ed “Too Tall” Jones – He was a Super Bowl champion with the Dallas Cowboys and he sold tickets. He was 6-0 but when you realize the quality of the fighters he faced; only one had a winning record. He never fought anybody. But he sold tickets.

Conor McGregor is selling tickets. Mayweather likes cashing in. It’s a match made in heaven. McGregor’s experience is the fact that he’s “boxed”. Mayweather has a career record of 49-0 with 26 KO’s. But McGregor is a mixed martial arts champion. More legitimate than Inoki but just as fraudulent as a boxer who deserves a chance to fight a legend with a perfect record. This is buyer beware at its best.

Fans will still purchase this. The fight is rumored to happen in June. They will dominate the media with wrestling promo press conferences to stir the pot and get those pay-per-view orders. Expect a high price because Floyd will want to add to his already bulging $400 million-dollar net worth.

McGregor can prove me wrong by backing up his words. For now, they’re just words. We won’t even get to see him in a tune up. Promoters are probably afraid of this in case he doesn’t look good.

This will be like Boxingmania. Mayweather will probably elongate the match by toying with him. He will eventually go for a knockout but he’ll want to punish McGregor for shooting off his mouth. I’d be very surprised if this goes any other way.


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