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Mickey and the Mets

So, the Mets are meeting with Mickey Callaway today. The Mets were once 13 games out of the playoffs and finished three games out of the Wild Card spot with 86 wins, a win or two more than I thought they’d get this season.

They were nine wins better than last year. Most managers get to keep their job after that. Will Callaway? Will he go into this season with a year left on his deal? Will he get an extension so he’s not a lame-duck manager, or will he get fired?

Brody Van Wagenen will try and convince his bosses that they need a change. The Mets are reluctant to spend new money on a manager with a year left on the old one. That’s the struggle, it shouldn’t be that way, but this is the state of the Mets organization these days.

What does Mickey do well?

  • Protects his players, to the point of being a cheerleader at times.
  • Keeps things upbeat. He lets Brody throw the furniture.
  • He shows up to work.

What are his failures?

  • The catching fiasco down the stretch.
  • The bullpen and sticking with Edwin Diaz much too long as a closer.
  • Listening to almost everything the front office tells him to do.
  • Pinch-hitting mistakes and substitution failures abound.
  • Never being honest with the fans. Not enough if he ever was.

I believe if they were going to sign Joe Girardi, they would have done so. They may look at him as “Yankees leftovers” and that could color that decision. The future manager of the team may currently be involved in the playoffs. Astros bench coach, Joe Espada’s name has been thrown around. Maybe Sandy Koufax will recommend Dodgers bench coach, Bob Geren to the Mets, even though he could be the next Giants manager. This is fluid. Let’s see how it develops.

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