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Jets vs. Eagles – – Five Observations

1)    The Jets defense played a solid game, again. Trumaine Johnson is stealing money and should be traded for a 7th rounder at the deadline.

2)    Adam Gase is finally taking responsibility for this awful offense, even when Sam Darnold was in there. His three-yard passes make it easy to defend and the fact that he banked on Darnold playing this week, and not giving enough practice time, was setting him up to fail. No team looks good with a third-stringer in there, but a coach’s job is to support his players.

3)    The Jets aren’t firing Gase. Ownership likes him too much, enough to make him the temporary GM over the summer until they filled the position. This offseason was abysmal, we keep talking about it, but blaming the previous regime does nothing for the fans today. Joe Douglas hasn’t done anything of note yet, either via free agent pickups or otherwise. He just sits in the background and says nothing.

4)    Bad drafting equals a lot of the team you see today. Quinnen Williams may be the latest example of that. He has four solo tackles and five tackles so far this season. has him ranked 69th in the league for defensive lineman. Leonard Williams is ranked 51st on

5)    The Jets still have kicker problems. The Jets still have offensive line problems. The Jets still have no depth at quarterback going into next season, this one is shot. Does anybody out there have any faith that these problems will be addressed? They had tons of cap space this offseason and squandered most of it. Jets fan loyalty is at Rich Kotite levels right now and Darnold is coming back this week. Something has to change.

Bonus – The Jets defense did raise some questions about the Eagles offense. That was the lone positive in this game.

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