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Pigskin Rapture Book Review


This book captures what’s great about Texas Football. Having spent some time at the University of Houston, attending games for the Cougars, Astros, and Oilers (back in the day) I was pleased to see the homage to the Houston Astrodome. It’s sad to see it crumbling. I had a few memories from that period of my life in that building. Some were bad like the Jets losing to Houston, but that discussion is for another day.

Ron Jenkins has taken some absolutely stunning photos. All of them were taken in 2015. From Robertson Stadium (U of H campus) to Texans star J.J. Watt to crazy fans.

This book captures Watt’s frustration after a loss that put the team in a 1-4 hole.

This book covers big High School games, popular drinking establishments and lifelong employees in some cases. The stories are fantastic and the pictures create a rich tapestry of a cool moment in time in Texas.

In case you didn’t know this Texans love their football. This book proudly shows that off. The travel log is fun to read. I’ve done similar trips like this and it can be hectic at times.

The big Texas-Oklahoma game is in this tome. Mac Engel has done a great job doing a lot more than captioning pictures. He added another element to it.

The Cowboys are the star of this book. The pro sports frustration of Houston and Dallas shines through.

Lone Star Books has a hit on their hands. 

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