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Red Wings vs. Penguins Preseason Game Observations

Moritz Seider – The first thing you notice is the safe clears. He showed very good defensive awareness. Fast puck retrieval. No clears up the middle. Good at the point on the power play. He had an assist on the power play. You have to love that at 18, he has his head on a swivel. He still has an outside chance of making the team.

Taro Hirose – He got significant time on the pp. Looks fast bringing the puck up the ice. Good, crisp passes. Good passing on the power play. He’s strong. He should make the team.

Ryan Kuffner – Looks faster than he did with Princeton. Getting back on defense was when it was noticeable. He trained with the vets during the summer in Detroit. He was getting some pp time. Scored a nice goal on a slick wrist shot, off a spin move on the wall that had eyes. He made his own space to get that goal. Put another hard wrist shot on Murray. I’d love to see them give the former Princeton standout a chance.

Notes: Giavani Smith looked fast and strong. He took a bad penalty but he’s getting closer for sure.

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