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Giants Damage Eagles Playoff Hopes

I have to admit I did not think the Giants had it in them to beat the Eagles yesterday. After all, the Giants tend to roll over when they play their NFC East rivals from down the turnpike. Losing four in a row and losing 13 of 16 can make

Forget Playoffs For Big Blue

Hope springs eternal for the Giants and their fans. Every year is the Giants year according to them. Never mind they have stunk since winning the Super Bowl few years ago. This year is no different. Everyone has the Giants winning the Super Bowl again this year. All I can do

Sasquatch is Now Working Out With Odell Beckham Jr. & Clay Matthews

Sasquatch trains like a beast. Today, Jack Link's launches Workin' Out with Sasquatch, a fully integrated '80s workout collection that breaks down physical movements, showing everything you need to do to build a beastly physique while fueling those sweet moves with a protein-packed snack. Featuring Clay Matthews and Odell Beckham