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You Must Pre Save Brianna Musco’s New Single on Spotify

Brianna Musco has a new single coming out in March and the title is “My Only Pretty Thing” and you should pre-save it and I’ll tell you why. This singer has a lot of chutzpah. She recently had something happen to her and she BELIEVES it.

“The first time I listened to this song in the car it shattered my windshield if that’s any indication of how proud I am of how it turned out,” said Musco, who must have skipped science classes.

Having covered her previous releases and albums I have no doubt this will be great. Here’s a link to a previous interview:

Look, she’s from Jersey and she’s very passionate. So do this and you’ll be helping yourself out with some new music and she can continue to move up the musical ladder.

I did my part. I purchased it on itunes. I’m going to listen to it in my car, and if my windshield breaks, I’m sending her the bill!

PRE-SAVE it now:

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