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Some Defensive Players the Jets Should Look At

I know the Jets defense is good but they have some holes. I found some linebackers that I like.

Curtis Jacobs is 241 pounds and fast. He ran a 4.58 in the 40-yard dash. He can chase down running backs and if the Jets flush the opponent quarterback out of the pocket, he will grab them too. Some think will be around in the fifth round. The Jets have two fourth-round picks so maybe they grab him in the 4th round.

Nathaniel Watson is 6’2”, 245 pounds. He ran a 4.63 at the combine. Not the fastest and certainly not the slowest. This is another guy who is mostly a run-stopper and he can get after the quarterback too. I feel like the Jets need at least one more of this type of player. The Jets might be able to grab him in the sixth round.

Cole Bishop is a safety who could be a first-round pick. He had a great combine. He ran a 4.45 in the 40-yard dash and he can sniff out plays. Bishop can blindside a quarterback on a blitz. He can tackle hard and he can break up passes. If the Jets trade their pick do they get him with the second pick? I just might.

Let’s see what happens at the draft. I always highlight some players I like and now all that’s left is the picking.

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