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2020 Book Reviews and Gift Ideas

The first one is a terrific tome “1919, The Search For Mankind’s Greatest Killer”. This book deals with Habs star, Newsy Lalonde, and a serious injury he incurred on the ice. This book is cringeworthy at times and skillfully written. Oh, and it deals with the Spanish Flu pandemic and

Sports Book Reviews

This is the time of year that all kinds of sports books with all kinds of slants appear. For some they are “hot stove reading.” For others, they are part of the annual cycle – spring books. For your information and reading pleasure, herewith some to sample. The New York Yankees

SportsBookShelf – – Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Jackie Robinson in Quotes and Other Worthies  It is the time of year when all types of sports books on all types of subject flood the market. Baseball books generally dominate, but others make their bid for readership. What follows are reviews of some that make late Father’s Day gift,

Odd Man Rush Book Review

Bill Keenan was a hockey player who played at Harvard University from 2005-2008. I may have covered a game of his. When he wasn’t drafted by an NHL team his hockey odyssey began. As a junior hockey player, and a Ranger fan growing up, he had some interaction with Adam Graves