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Sam Ersson Has a Great Challenge Ahead of Him 

Philadelphia Flyers goalie, Sam Ersson has played in 42 NHL games and 47 AHL games. The rookie is in his hockey infancy. The fact that he’s 24 is a plus because he’s very mature but as far as game experience. He’s still gaining a lot of that on the job. 42

Blittner’s Blue Line: Yay or Nay to “The Michigan?”

Merry Christmas one and all! I hope you’re enjoying your food, drinks, presents, and family time during this holiday. After all, this is a time for relaxation and celebration – unless you happen to be a Sports Writer with a weekly column. Sports never stop, therefore, neither do we. So,

John Tortorella Has a Massive Challenge Ahead of Him

John Tortorella was introduced to the Philadelphia media today. To say he was very prepared would be an understatement. He had just come off nailing the interviews to get the job and he answered every question with great ease. In the summer, everything is easy, breezy. “Culture and accountability are easy

What Now For Team USA?

It is an excellent question. The American hockey squad went 0-3 in the tournament. They were outscored 11-5. Everybody knows this. So why pile on the bus? The answer to that is a bit simple. Most have covered the same old narratives to the point where even the coaches and