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Time is Running Out on Jets’ Preseason 

The Jets preseason is winding down, and there are more than a few questions. The first is, why bring in Dalvin Cook? Their running backs were all looking strong except for Breece Hall, who will clearly miss a few games. But Cook hasn’t practiced at all? So is he going to waltz in and be the best? Cook was 40th out of 42 backs in the NFL with a percentage of yards at zero or negative. I think this move could cause problems later in the season when touches are at a premium, and Hall is still their best running back. Travis Dye probably goes to the practice squad. I hope they don’t trade Michael Carter. That could be disastrous.

Mekhi Becton can’t currently play a complete game of football with his knee. Stop counting how many snaps he’s taken and ask yourself if you think Aaron Rodgers will trust that he can protect his blind side for an entire game and season. I doubt it. I think Becton will play on the right side as a backup or a starter who misses a lot of snaps each game. How can I think of anything else at this point in time? There are only two preseason games left, and his knee is questionable.

The Jets defensive line looks good. Their secondary looks really good. Even their linebacking core may be NFL average. But the Jets’ offensive line is middle of the pack at best even with Alijah Vera-Tucker being their best player on the line and most likely having to change positions yet again. Rodgers will have his work cut out this year because he is going to see a lot of pressure, and the hope is he can be upright for most of the season.

At this point in time, I think the Jets are a nine-win team. A playoff bubble team based on their schedule, especially how difficult it is at the start of the season. Winning ten would be amazing, but I need to see more things gel before I think that’s the case. The Jets need to split with Buffalo, beat New England twice, and split with Miami. That’s my feeling. This is fluid, so let’s see how things are going into opening night.

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