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The NFL Preseason is a Joke

In the first game, most teams didn’t play their important starters. There’s a 17-game season this year, and as a result, the NFL’s preseason tickets are more worthless than ever before. It’s nice to give reports on the rookie quarterbacks around the league, but it’s hard to draw anything significant from the first round of games.

The first objective in this year’s preseason is to come out of it as healthy as possible. Team-wise, players don’t play like that. Now let’s talk about Zach Wilson.

Wilson was thinking fast. He was moving around and finding the open receiver. He converted all three third-down chances that came his way. I will give him high marks for that and that’s an improvement from training camp and by him saying he was trying things out in camp to see what works and what didn’t, that seems to ring true, and I give the rookie points for that.

Being a New York Jets quarterback means getting too much credit when you look good, and when you look bad, you’re the worst quarterback on the planet. That’s how it’s been for a few decades now. The media does tend to overreact.

Wilson is smart. I did see him firing up the vets in the huddle, and that’s great. It’s hard to recreate that, and if teams could bottle it, they would.

A new episode of Jets Rehab is on the horizon, and we’ll talk about that first preseason game and more. We will talk about some Jets players who look primed to be cut, and we’ll talk about Joe Douglas’s first draft and how that looks a year later.

There’s a long football season ahead of us. I think Jets fans have more to be excited about than last season. Just having a healthy C.J. Mosely is a big deal. A few years ago, he had an amazing opener against Buffalo, and then his injuries kicked in, and that was that.

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