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Ranking the Top 5 Batman Movies from 1966-Present

  1. Batman – 1989 – When I first heard that Michael Keaton, from Johnny Dangerously and Mr. Mom, was going to play Batman? Color me skeptical. In the end, he was the best one of them all.
  2. The Dark Knight – 2008 – It was dark. The Heath Ledger trailer made me see and eventually love this movie.
  3. The Dark Knight Rises – 2012 – Christian Bale is always good, even with his voice issues, but Tom Hardy as Bane was truly bizarre and great.
  4. Batman Returns – 1992 – Keaton was back and Michelle Pfeiffer had the best Catwoman portrayal to date. Christopher Walken was good too.
  5. The Lego Batman Movie – 2017 – Will Arnett was spectacular and the way they did this movie was incredibly entertaining. It took me years to finally see this and it was well worth it.

Honorable mention: The 1966 Batman movie with Adam West and Burt Ward was fun. it had every great villain in it. My favorite part was when Batman encountered a shark and sprayed him with his Bat shark repellant. The shark was so fake but I was in stitches.

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