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The Same Old Mets

The Mets are the champions of April. The past few years this has been a constant. Sandy Alderson always has the team looking “good enough” out of the gate but it’s always lacking depth and that’s why May always ends in sorrow. They’re currently 1-8 this month.

Last year the Mets went on a six-game losing streak in May. Today against the Reds, they batted out of order in the first inning. That means the entire coaching staff, especially the manager, was asleep at the wheel. There is no excuse for this and the general manager should call out the entire team in public, but he won’t. He’ll hide in his office, after all he traded Matt Harvey, for a “catcher”. At 29, Devin Mesoraco was overpaid, and his defense is in question. He went 0-4 in his Mets debut. That will be a discussion for another day.

With the kind of pitching the Mets have, and a few injuries aside, losing a series to the Cincinnati Reds is a joke. They could have been swept. That’s how bad things are. Mickey Callaway looked like a genus out of the gate, or at least that’s how he was being portrayed, but now he’s looking like a rookie manager making embarrassing mistakes.

Where do the Mets go from here? After a day off they travel to Philadelphia where they will face another rookie manager in Gabe Kapler. In a previous article I mentioned baseball was a hard game and rookie managers can be humbled. Kapler faced that earlier this season and now his team is in second place while the Mets are firmly in fourth.

Friday is Steven Matz vs. Jake Arrieta. Saturday is Noah Syndergaard vs. Zach Eflin and Sunday is Jacob deGrom vs TBD. If the Mets don’t win two in this series they’re in trouble. They threw another game away today ending a potential first-inning rally by batting out of order. What’s next?

After this season Mets ownership will have to look themselves in the mirror and decide if turning a big profit at all costs is worth wasting the future of some of the best pitchers in major league baseball without winning a championship?

Citi Field has some great food. Great food and atmosphere is nice, but if this team turns in another losing season, attendance will suffer. You can take that to the bank. After 17 home games the Mets are 12th in attendance. The Brewers, Rockies and Braves are averaging more fans. The more they lose the worse it will get. Mets fans are very loyal, but they are close to the breaking point with this team and the way ownership has been running it. They may not sense that until the final balance sheet figures are in at the end of the season. It’s no wonder some of their minority ownership are looking to sell their shares.

They’re worried. Everybody is, except the front office.

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