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What’s Streaming: Episode 2 – Snow Job

Snow Job is not porn. It’s a French movie that starred Olympic hero, Jean-Claude Killy. The producer was George Englund and the star of the movie would be Killy’s future wife, Danielle Gaubert. This was her last movie.

This movie used to stream on Amazon, but they lost the rights to it. It must be streaming somewhere? Maybe in France?

It’s a hard movie to find. I’ve watched about 10 minutes of it. Here’s a chunk of it:

This movie has the soundtrack of the Exorcist and the intro shows ski bindings for what seems like an eternity. Ski bindings are the opposite of the opening credits for a good Bond film. But the skiing in this one tops any Bond film and probably any film ever made. After all, Killy was the best downhill skier of his time and maybe all time.

All Wikipedia has is the plot. Which seems bad. A down on his luck downhill skier helps rob the winter resort where he works. Why not just show two hours of skiing and forget the plot? You can say it’s “100% Pure Adrenaline”, oh wait, that’s been done.

Warner Brothers distributed it and it’s 90 minutes long. I NEED to see more. Hopefully, I can find a copy down the road and finish this review. In 1972 it was a limited release and in 2019 it’s downright vapor-ware.

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