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Chantelle Albers Shines in Two Sinners and a Mule 

If you’re looking for a Western with a great storyline, then mark this down. “Two Sinners and a Mule” and when you do, you’ll notice actress, Chantelle Albers who is one of the two female leads along with Hannah James (Starz’s Outlander). This film is different, and I had a

Kelly Murtagh’s Career Is on the Rise

Kelly Murtagh was born in Baton, Rouge Louisiana. She’s an actress, writer, and producer at this point, but at the start, while she seemed destined to get into acting. “When I was three or four, I was always into pretend. I made up stories and plays with my stuffed animals. I

What’s Streaming: Episode 2 – Snow Job

Snow Job is not porn. It’s a French movie that starred Olympic hero, Jean-Claude Killy. The producer was George Englund and the star of the movie would be Killy’s future wife, Danielle Gaubert. This was her last movie. This movie used to stream on Amazon, but they lost the rights to

Flashback Movie Review: Goon

When you entitle a movie “Goon” you are certainly leaving yourself open to criticism if you base the movie about a hockey player who has that role and not back it up with some kind of authenticity, even though this is a comedy, well I am here to tell you