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Winning Time’s Season Two Story is Just Getting Started 

The HBO series “Winning Time” is terrific.  I love it. I had a chance to talk to some of the actors last year and realized afterward that this is the best sports serial I’ve ever watched.  

If you love the Lakers, you’ll love both seasons. If you hate the Lakers, you’ll love both seasons. If you’re a Celtics fan, this is for you in many ways, and an old-time basketball fan like me appreciates seeing an actor portray, Mo Lucas with a great dunk while wearing a Nets uniform.  

You can watch the show every Sunday at 9 PM. Trust me, if you’ve never watched it then watch it on demand. If you didn’t realize the second season started, I’m here to tell you it has.  

Here is what’s coming

Episode 3 deals with the Larry Bird backstory! The Bird vs. Magic heat on this show is amazing. Paul Westhead (Jason Segel) is still the Lakers coach, but we can all see Pat Riley (Adrien Brody) emerging. Brody is starting to turn into the Pat Riley that we all know and love. Considering I’m a Knicks fan, yes, I was very fond of Riley when he became their head coach.  

Episode 6 Feature Jay Mohr’s Cameo 

Jay Mohr is engaged to Jeanie Buss in real life. She is portrayed by Hadley Robinson one of the stars of the series, along with John C. Reilly who plays Dr. Jerry Buss. He plays him so well that Jeanie watches the series.  

This season is going to reach a head at the 84 Finals. By then every masshole should be watching. For those who think they know the story. You don’t. There have been so many nuggets that I never knew just in the first two shows. You can’t be a know-it-all, trust me, getting there is half the fun.  

I never rooted for the Lakers, and I never rooted for the Celtics. But the players were always very interesting, and you see a lot of the locker room stuff, and as a reporter, that always interests me.  

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