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Wizard World Philly 2019 Has Some Built In Fun

Philadelphia – – Wizard World 2019 has a lot more comics. That used to be a complaint I would here but no more. They had a nice selection of them.

A few notable wrestlers were there. Lisa Marie, formerly Victoria of the WWE and Sgt Slaughter.

Slaughter took some liberties with our photographer, Mike.

And Lisa was her usual personable self. We caught up and were chatting like it was a few year’s ago when I last saw her.

Lisa has a note for her fans and followers:

America’s most famous house guest did a good job as master of ceremonies. Kato Kaelin will be there signing autographs as well. He got kids to laugh, that’s not easy.

Thomas Ian Nicholas was there. He was in the cult favorite, “Rookie of the Year” a Daniel Stern movie. The same guy who narrated “The Wonder Years”.

Here was a fun moment we set up at the PHL17 booth.

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Tony Dana and Ted Danson will be there over the weekend with a lot more stars. Check the website for more details:

Check back for more photos!

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