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Woody Johnson Should Think About His Options

The New York Jets lost the last game of the season in embarrassing fashion. The Miami Dolphins got into the playoffs with an 11-6 win. Robert Saleh handed the Dolphins this game and when the Jets had playoff destiny in their hands they didn’t show up. This puts Jets owner Woody Johnson in a bind.

Are Saleh and Joe Douglas and package deal? If so, if they can lure Sean Payton, who is talking to the Denver Broncos, I’m ok with firing both of them. Not developing a quarterback or obtaining a playoff caliber quarterback is something Douglas has failed at. Johnson needs to offer an unprecedented amount of money to get Payton. 

The Broncos have a washed-up Russell Wilson. The Jets have cap room and can maneuver bringing in another quarterback to fight along with Zach Wilson who the owner likes. The Jets have the makings of a championship defense someday if they can get an offense that isn’t ranked in the high 20s. That’s why Mike LaFleur will be the first coach fired. That’s obvious and it’s well deserved.

Let’s hope Johnson means business and got a glimpse of what his team could be if they had better leadership and coaches. I know some fans are tired of rotating coaches, but when Bill Parcells joined the Jets, he brought in a higher caliber of coaching. Payton would do the same.

This Jets season hurt more than a three-win season because they were in the thick of it. Once they got there they did a lot of things wrong to lose that position. Deciding when to play Mike White was yet another blunder.

Next season could erase 12 years of mediocrity. But Johnson has to be aggressive and he has to flash his checkbook the same way Steven Cohen has for the New York Mets. Johnson has always been hesitant and Jets fans have to hope he’s had enough.

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