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Aaron Rodgers Created Jets Training Camp Buzz

I’ve been to some training camps in my day. I went to Long Island when I lived there, and now New Jersey. I saw Brett Favre, Joe Namath, and now Aaron Rodgers. The buzz for this season is tremendous. The amount of merch the New York Jets is selling is massive. Rodger’s jerseys were already being worn in preparation for this first public practice. 

This report will just deal with the quarterbacks. I have more footage and notes but didn’t want to shortchange anybody on what I saw and what I think could happen.

Aaron Rodgers – He was smooth. He didn’t have the strongest arm, but he didn’t spend any time thinking out there. His brain is great, and the rest is still really good. I get he’s not facing a pass rush yet, but I can see him adapting to this team at a quick pace. One thing I wanted to know. Would he help out the other quarterbacks, especially Zach Wilson?

Here is proof positive that he was and will do more.

Zach Wilson – He had the strongest arm there. His mobility is still great. His short passes are accurate from the pocket. On the run, he was missing the targets that Rodgers nailed as an example. On a long pass, he threw to the wrong shoulder of the receiver. His mechanics still need work and let’s see if Rodgers can fix him to some degree.

Woody said he still believes in Zach. Think he was thrust into action too soon.

Chris Streveler – We saw him last year and he was sharp. The ball is out of his hand quickly and he’s accurate. You can tell he played in the CFL. I think he should be considered to be on the practice squad for sure. There’s something there.

Tim Boyle – He has a good long ball. The ball takes some time coming out of his hands and his short passes aren’t out that fast. I don’t love that. He has great size at 6’4″ but he has a lot to prove to me If he’s going to make this team in some capacity.

Woody entered the camp in a helicopter and immediately met the fans by the far fence where I was. Not the VIP’s. He was asking fans’ opinions on that hat. I loved it. And some other things. I asked if we should tweet ideas to him and he said yes, so that’s nice to hear and I may take him up on that.

This was a good day. I have a lot more content. The offensive lineman is next and there was good and bad in the mix. Mostly good.

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