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2022 NHL Combine Live Updates

Buffalo – – I will post some items here throughout the day. Some of it will pertain to the stations. Some with the interviews and just basic thoughts about some of the players so check back here.

7:42 – Marco Kasper is in the first group. Probably has an early flight. He’s one of the fastest draft risers.

9:15 – Charlie Leddy was the best interview so far. He is going to BC. Loves the Bruins and was annoyed that the Rangers won yesterday.

9:30 – Julian Lutz played only 14 games in the DEL. He’s a 6-2 forward who has gotten the attention of some of the top teams in the NHL. Why? Because they are picking late in the first round or sometime in the second round where Lutz is expected to be. Lutz likes watching the better teams he said. Well, Florida or Tampa is likely to snag this underreported player.

9:40 – Servac Petrovsky could be a real wild card in this draft. His meeting with the Flyers went particularly well.

1:00 – I’m tired but listening to Jack Devine revived me. As a freshman at Denver, he wins a championship, 10 teams spoke to him. Veterans at Denver acknowledged how smart he is on the ice to me.

Here are the NHL Combine testing results

11:43 PM – I had wings and a chocolate lava cake! Isaac Howard who says he is a “hungry goal scorer” and he is, could be the target of the Winnipeg Jets. They interviewed him and he is a Chevy type of player.

Howard interview here:

Filip Mesar was interviewed by Arizona. I think that’s a great fit.

Mesar interview here:

Ryan Chesley interview here:

Jimmy Snuggerud interview here:

The Kings spoke to Ty Nelson. He would be perfect for them.

Devils fans can watch this exclusive interview with Ty Brennan here:

It’s called “Beyond the Scrum” and it’s a new hockey community. There is a video of Jack Hughes in there too.

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