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Glasstic Water Bottle Review

The Glasstic water bottle is a cool product. It has a glass water bottle on the inside and shatterproof plastic on the outside. Pros: I love the design of the screw on top and bottom. It’s easy to clean and when the water is sealed in, it really is sealed in.

H Factor Water Product Review

H Factor is water infused with hydrogen. It’s supposed to reduce inflammation, after exercise, and increase athletic performance. I thought the taste was good and the bottle is great to have with you on the go! Once you open the bottle you have to drink the contents in a reasonable amount

Review: Volvic Water Has Potential

Volvic water is a good tasting water. The benefit is the minerals you are supposed to gain from it as it gets filtered through six layers of volcanic rock. I used this during a softball game and got good results. Will I drink it again to try and get good