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49er Legends Share Memories in New Documentary for ALS

July 20, 2018 – 1000PlusVideo, LLC ( is pleased to announce the upcoming release of its new DVD that is loaded with interesting back-stories from on and off the playing field as told by 27 legendary football players.

“San Francisco Football Legends Take On ALS” is a documentary of sorts, consisting of oral histories from the very beginning of football in San Francisco (1946) through the 80’s. Some of the stories are about “huddle happenings” – other than announcing the next play.  It is narrated by Mark Purdy, retired 40-year sports columnist and commentator.

All profits from the sale of the DVD will be donated to The ALS Association Golden West Chapter and earmarked for research.  The DVD is dedicated to Dwight Clark and All who have suffered from this disease – families included.

The DVD has an interesting history.  Back in 1990, R. C. “Alley Oop” Owens approached producer Julia Hutton with an idea.  He wanted to capture oral histories from veteran alumni players and consolidate them into a video of oral histories from Legends in the Bay Area.  He drafted 27 former pro players who granted interviews in front of the camera. Bob Fouts was the interviewer. The result was/is 40 minutes of mind-boggling precious stories as told by the players themselves, many of whom are no longer living.   

The DVD is also laced with footage submitted by John and Sue Brodie that John used as training material when he held classes at his home for teammates.  Matt Hazeltine’s daughter sent photos of her father’s memorabilia. The NFL granted permission for use of images and on field footage.  And fans sent in their photos as well.

Julia Hutton says, “No member of the public has ever seen these interviews.  Back in 1990 when they were taped (also intended back then as a fundraiser for ALS), at the last minute, the NFL had misgivings about the use of some images it held copyright to.  They would not allow their use in the video so the project was promptly dropped and the interviews sat on a shelf and gathered dust for the next 30 years.”

When Hutton learned that Clark had passed, she was of course very sad but also frustrated that there still was no cure for ALS.  She remembered the tapes they had made, found them (miraculously), and has now rewritten and reedited the first version from years ago.

The DVD will be available for sale ($20 + $5 shipping/handling) July 24, 2018 at the 1000PlusVideo web site which is .    

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