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Are You A Stressed Out Sports Fan?

A company called Lhasa tried to break this down with data. Here are some findings

  • Detroit Red Wings fans have had to sweat things out the most in the regular season because their team had over 74% of their games end with a scoreline within two goals making them the most stressed
  • The Pittsburgh Penguins have played the lowest percentage (60%) of close games in the NHL making those fans the least stressed out. 
  • These teams have the highest percentage of close wins, meaning they almost didn’t win: Dallas Stars (66.34%), Washington Capitals (41.22%), and Anaheim Ducks (38.29%). 

The Flyers are at 33.41% and the Rangers are at 34.88 in close wins.

Here is the breakdown:

And here is the breakdown by cities for the major sports:

I hope this didn’t add more stress?


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