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The 49ers Game Plan Will Be Victorious Like The Jets in Super Bowl III

The Kansas City Chiefs have the glitzy offense, the best quarterback in the game in Pat Mahomes, all the offense you can want and yet I don’t think they’ll win on Sunday.

Kyle Shanahan runs his game plan and when it works, he doesn’t deviate from it. Fans may not like it. Jimmy Garoppolo may have attempted only eight passes in the AFC Championship Game, but the game plan was to run the ball and they were getting over seven yards a carry, why deviate from that?

In Super Bowl III, Joe Namath was a gunslinging passing quarterback who wanted to win, after all, he guaranteed victory. Well as the story goes his coach, Weeb Ewbank thought with Matt Snell and Emerson Boozer they could run all over the Colts. The Jets ground out an unlikely 16-7 win and to this day, there are younger fans who try and besmirch Namath’s performance because he didn’t throw a touchdown. Do you think he cares? The Jets ran for 142 yards. I see this happening again on Sunday.

The Chiefs run defense gave up 225 yards on 26 carries last week and they have been giving up 4.8 yards per carry and 139.6 yards per game on average. Now, if the Niners had an average defense, this wouldn’t worry me, but they have a solid defense, and as a result, if they run the ball and keep the Chiefs offense off the field as much as possible, they will be victorious.

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