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Baltimore Comic-Con Had It All

This show has an amazing selection of book vendors, artists and some actors and wrestlers mixed in. It had many things going on. Here are some highlights.

There was a fair amount of cosplay going on. I always appreciate the time and effort put into their costumes.

I did see the actor who played “Michael Myers” in Halloween, Tony Moran. Fans were pleased to see him, even though he has a reputation, in the movie franchise. Tara Strong (Teen Titans, Rugrats and Batgirl) had some lines as well.

A Sound of Thunder was there showing off their comics and music. Here is an exclusive interview:

I listened to one of their albums on the way home and it was really good. Some great guitar licks and great vocal range by Nina. You should explore their catalog.

The venue was great, good food selections and some great weather. If you want to plan on going next year I highly recommend it.

Special thanks to Mike del Tufo for helping me cover this event.

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