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Brianna Musco is Enjoying the Growth in Her Career

Brianna Musco plays guitar, she sings, she’s a bandleader and now she has a new EP. Things are all breaking right for this New Jersey native, New York Rangers fan and former soccer player.

“We’re having a blast. One of the greatest things is the band chemistry. We’ve been cracking each other up,” said Musco. “It’s showing on stage. Not that I’ve never gotten that far, but because I came from such an athletic background, I never had the time to fully develop chemistry between bandmates, which is awesome. The crowd reactions are only helping.”

Like most musicians, she has her favorites and one of them might be surprising.

“My favorite band of all-time will always be Fleetwood Mac. The motivation behind ‘Ringling’ was Motley Crue, Rolling Stones, maybe Bruce, definitely after watching the Motley Crue movie “The Dirt”, that was insane. Trying to keep that level of energy, within reason, was kind of the sole motivation behind the new video.”

I did cover Motley Crue once, and I was in the first row and had a bottle of Jagermeister passed to me that Tommy Lee took a mighty swig from during one of the songs. I passed on it, but I was curious what Brianna would have done in that situation.

“As a former germophobe, I probably wouldn’t have drunk from that. I probably would have made sure to remember that I was holding a bottle that Tommie Lee drank out of,” she added. “I never had a chance to see them live. Definitely would be a bucket list thing.”

Back to soccer, Musco had the school record for goals.

“Yes, Lindsay Morella was the other forward and however many goals I had was as many assists as she had. I played soccer, basketball, and softball all four years in High School which is kind of rare nowadays. I think everyone focuses on one sport,” Musco stated. “I loved playing in the backyard while growing up. If you look at the season, soccer is in the Fall. In my freshman year, we had tremendous success. After that crazy season, joined the travel teams and did all the tournaments.”

Back to the band, they didn’t know about her sports background until recently.

“A few days ago, we found a basketball court behind the venue and the boys and I were shooting. They were like ‘wait, you’re good at sports. I love that my music friends rarely know that I played sports and my sports friends are like ‘oh my gosh, she plays music?’ I went full music in my mid-sophomore year in college. I played at del-state, got hurt in my sophomore season. Transferred out in that spring semester and made sure to travel abroad afterward. I finally had time on my hands.”

And then she was inspired.

“While I was away, I finally finished my first song and that was when I realized I wanted to go 100% full music. I did graduate with a classical guitar performance degree which you can’t really use anywhere,” she laughed. “It’s pretty awesome to say I have. My bank account would beg to differ.”

Now that she’s traveling, she is embracing being a foodie. She is now going out of her way to try out certain spots. Back to hockey, being a Ranger fan when her friends are Devils fans is interesting. She has a way of dealing with that.

“Don’t bring it up,” she said abruptly. “If you don’t bring it up you will always have friends. A lot of people just talk about the Yankees. Everyone likes the Yankees.”

She quickly learned I was a Mets fan, but I think we came to an understanding by talking about Fantasy Baseball a bit more. She allows the good Mets to be on her roster.

She plays fantasy baseball and loves attending sporting events. Go and see her and her band on tour. Lucas Jones, her guitarist, knows his hockey! Check him out here:

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