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Gina Zo – – The Pride of Westchester, PA 

Gina Zo was on the NBC hit show, “The Voice” Season 10. Her real name is Gina Castanzo, and this was a huge moment in her young singing career.  “Absolutely, all my hometown was so excited. It was so much fun,” Zo recalled. “There are about six auditions to get to

The Beatles Get Back Ep1 Review

There won’t be many spoilers here. This “documentary” is for a moment in time, not very all-encompassing for their career. As a child of the 60s, after a while I was inundated with Beatles, albums, cartoons, I had a poster on my wall that my dad printed at his shop,

Welcome To Rockology Episode One

Rockology is a new podcast with Russ Cohen and Mike Augello. In this episode, we each give our five bands that SHOULD be in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. ARW Tommy Shaw