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Bubs Natural is My Favorite Health Drink

This is an update article, and more are coming. This is a great product. Its versatility is the key. To get the idea of what it’s comprised of, go back and read the first article and listen to what Sean has to say.

I’ve since found that I love it in tomato juice, or fruit juice or tea. Those are my favorites. In my family, soymilk has worked well too.

I’ve taken it at a lot of different times of the day and the one that works best for me is the middle of the day when you’re about to crash. It has helped me through that time. I’ve also used it after something strenuous like exercise or doing a lot of outdoor work like mowing my lawn and gardening. It’s given me energy when otherwise only a caffeinated drink or sleep would help.

You can use their mixer that you can buy, that works great, or a shaker cup is fine too. I will report more as I continue to use it over time and see what other positive effects it has on me.

Stay healthy and stay safe.

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