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Frenchie Hydration Drink Works Well Under Pressure

Frenchie hydration drink may be new to you, but I had the chance to try it out and I got some interesting results. First off, it pasted the taste test. It’s sparkling water with a citrus flavor. It only has two grams of sugar and stevia is another sweetener added that

Bubs Natural is My Favorite Health Drink

This is an update article, and more are coming. This is a great product. Its versatility is the key. To get the idea of what it’s comprised of, go back and read the first article and listen to what Sean has to say. I’ve since found that I love it

H Factor Water Product Review

H Factor is water infused with hydrogen. It’s supposed to reduce inflammation, after exercise, and increase athletic performance. I thought the taste was good and the bottle is great to have with you on the go! Once you open the bottle you have to drink the contents in a reasonable amount