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BUBS Natural Review

Every once in awhile, I get to review a product that intersects sports and health. And while most major sports have hit the pause button, the athletes, and folks like me, haven’t. Enter BUBS a company that makes a powdery mix that can improve your health.

There is a collagen mix (they use grass-fed cows in Brazil) that a lot of athletes use. You can hear about that here listening to an interview I did with the co-founder, Sean Lake.

I reviewed their Vegan mix that’s comprised of virgin coconut oil, MCT Oil, and non-GMO tapioca; read more about that here:

I’ve tried this product as an appetite suppressant late at night in a smoothie and it worked. But I generally try not to eat late but my writing schedule sometimes keeps me up.

I’ve tried it with breakfast, that wasn’t as successful, but that’s me. That’s my metabolism, I need a certain size of breakfast, or I can’t function very well.

Each time I’ve tried one scoop a day. I may work in two at some point. I work things slowly into my diet. Yes, I’m more cautious with a health product than a milkshake, but that’s me.

I’ve found the best results to be in the middle of the day, pre or post-workout. That’s been best. It’s curbed hunger and definitely given me energy. I may notice more changes over time. Who knows?

Have I been sharper mentally? So far, I’m not sure but I can say that I haven’t had any issues on air, and I do more than a few podcast/video shows every week.

They are working with some sports teams like the Mets and Yankees as examples and hockey too.

Keep an eye out. I may cover this product for a longer period of time.

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