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Catching Up With Fish My City Star, Mike Iaconelli

This is an audio Q and A:

Russ: What was is like fishing for Catfish in a Philadelphia sewer?

Russ: I did some research and you can eat that fish you caught. Can you talk about that?

Russ: What’s it like fishing in a big city?

Russ: What can we look forward to in the Miami episode?

Russ: How can you turn fishing into a career?

Russ: I live near Rowan University. Where did you fish when you attended college there?

Russ: Where were you when the Eagles won the Super Bowl?

Russ: Is fishing with Mike Trout on your bucket list?


Fish My City with Mike Iaconelli, a series about champion fisherman, Mike Iaconelli, airs on Fridays at 10pm/9c on Nat Geo WILD. The Miami episode will premiere on Friday, November 2ndat 10/9c.




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